We do everything we can to ensure that Make a Smile can reach as many children as possible, whilst remaining completely free. Unlike other similar organisations, we feel it unfair to take money from our volunteers, as such we are completely reliant on our own fundraisers and the kind support of people such as yourself. 

We have a number of expenses including costumes (including repair and maintenance), training and travel. Every little bit can help. If you're keen on getting involved in one of our fundraising schemes/suggestions (see below) or have your own ideas, please get in touch with us using the form below or at Your support goes a long way to making children smile!

Bake Sale

Roll up your sleeves and sell some cake!

Survival Games

Once a year, Make a Smile hosts the Survival Games. Take part in the biggest nerf battle!

Sponsored Run

Don your running gear and dust off your trainers! Raise some money while going for a run!

Carol Concert

Get a group of friends together for a sing-song in your local area!

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In 52 hours try to travel as far as you can (and back) without spending any money!

And Many More!

We're always open to new ideas for fundraisers!

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