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Make a Smile is dependant upon volunteers kindly agreeing to dedicate their time to visiting children and making them smile. Our door is always open to keen and enthusiastic volunteers who want to get involved. 

New volunteers must complete some paperwork, undergo training and submit a DBS prior to attending events. You can then complete the 20 probation trainee hours in events before becoming a full volunteer.

There's a number of roles we have for volunteers. These roles are outlined below. If you want to find out more about becoming a volunteer, please fill in the form below or email


  • Attend events in character
  • Makes up to bulk of Make a Smile
  • Plays games, chats to and interacts with children

Magic Maker

  • Attend events out of character
  • Often act as supporting staff
  • Plays games, chats to and interacts with children
  • Assists characters at events 
  • Can be a jumping pad to being a character


  • Does not attend events
  • Helps with the general running of Make a Smile
  • Organises events, helps with costumes etc
  • For people short on time or not wanting to attend events
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