We aim to be as flexible as possible with the events on offer. Below are some suggestions of events we do and have done in the past. Regardless of what the event is, our volunteers will bring enthusiasm, energy and fun to every event they come to! We look forward to visiting you.

Hospital Visits

Life in hospital can be difficult for long periods of time. Have our volunteers come along and bring some excitement by interacting with the children.

Large Events Appearances

Our characters are always keen to appear at some large community events to say hi!


Run a community charity focused on children? Our volunteers would love to come along to your events! Happy to fit in however needed.


Is your paediatric charity holding a fundraiser with children present? We can come along and help entertain the children.


While we mainly work with children, we're happy to visit more older people. We can come and have a tea day at a care home or numerous other options!

Book Readings

Our volunteers can come along and read a story to children in a range of settings. Nothing else quite brings the story to life!

Arts and Crafts

All children love to get their hands dirty! Have our volunteers come along and get their hands dirty too! Making slime, painting, rock monsters and many more!

Individual Visits

If your child loves a specific character, we can arrange to have them come for a visit to see them. Your child's smile will be their sole focus!

Skype Visits

Live too far away or want a character to read a bedtime story or say hi to your child? Get in touch and we'll arrange a skype video call!

Soft Play

Be it climbing or diving in the ball pit. Our characters can make soft play or the more fun! Help your children to run themselves out of energy.


Does your child constantly sing Let it Go? Invite the Ice Princess along to sing it with them!

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